Top 11 Gifts for Pop Culture Characters


You get gifts for your family and your friends, why not for your favorite pop culture characters who bring you entertainment throughout the year?


11. For Deadpool, some thorazine to stop those voices in his head.


10. For Oliver Queen, the complete series of Mr Show on Blu ray. He needs a good laugh once in a while.


9. Harry Potter, a nice knit cap that will cover his scar.


8. Black Bolt – A voice machine like Stephen Hawking uses.


7. Alfred the Butler gets a day off for Boxing Day, his first one since 1966.


6. Bilbo Baggins – A new foot shaver.


5. Groot – A rhyming dictionary.


4. BB8 – World Cup tickets.


3. Gandalf the White – A colorful scarf, because that guy does not know how to accessorize.


2. Caesar the Ape – A diamond studded flea collar.


1. Santa Claus – A set of Mars Attack trading cards, so he can show Mrs Claus who he conquered.


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