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Super Laundry Bag aka Nancy Rose


No mission is too small for this real life superhero! One moment she could be making a salad in the produce department, the next hunting down a poltergeist that just smashed a few bottles in the back room. Nancy Rose DiStefano, aka Super Laundry Bag, appeared on the Comic Con scene in 2010. SLB has…

Attack on Saboten Con ’13


What can I say about Saboten Con, I’ve gone all six years, I’ve watched it grow from a rather small con to the biggest anime convention in Arizona. It has sentimental meaning to me, like going back home and seeing friends that you left behind. In its six years, Sabo has changed its venue from…

Saboten Con 2013 Preview


Can you believe it’s been six years!? Neither can Phoenix’s largest anime convention, Saboten Con! So, celebrating 6 conventions past, this year they are pulling out all the stops, new events, big name guests, raves, and parties galore for you to enjoy. Taking advantage of the Labor Day Weekend, Saboten Con will be Saturday, August…

C42′s JPOOL’s Happy Fun Time Anime Hour With Greg Fennell


  Check it out here: On tonight’s premiere episode of Current Circuits Presents JPOOL’s Happy Fun Time Anime Hour, JPOOL sits down with Greg Fennell and talks about his upcoming convention called Saboten CON, CON-Nichiwa and many more to come. Circuit 42′s Current Circuits is presented by Geek News Network. Visit our website www.circuit42.com and…

An Interview With Local Author, Ravyn Crescent

Predator Turned Prey

Glendale, AZ – Attending Saboten Con 2012 this year, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing local author and artist Ravyn Crescent. She is a multi-talented professional who has been involved in writing and art for a better part of her life. She was kind enough to allow us some time in the early morning…

Saboten Con 2012 Interview: Richard Epcar & Ellyn Stern


Glendale, AZ – Geek News Network had the pleasure of interviewing two esteemed guests of Saboten Con 2012, Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern. A little about Richard Epcar, he is an American actor, voice actor and director who has voiced over 300 characters in games, cartoon and anime. He is the husband of voice actress Ellyn Stern,…

“The Silent Hill Band” Rehearsal Parts 2 & 3


Glendale, AZ - Geek News Network brings you parts 2 & 3 of exclusive rehearsal footage of Akira Yamaoka’s The Silent Hill Band as they practice at Saboten Con 2012. Enjoy!! Lead Vocals: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Lead Guitar: Akira Yamaoka Bass Guitar: Troy Baker Drums: Joe Romersa