From a very early age, there are some very basic safety precautions that are instilled by our parents and teachers: don’t run with scissors, don’t swim on a full stomach, don’t eat the yellow snow.  However, there are some lessons that have only been taught to us through the movies.  As geeks, we know that doing any one thing on this list proves that you are either an epic badass, or epically stupid.  Going through with all eleven of these actions qualifies you as the Kwisatz Haderach, the promised one who was foretold to lead us to victory over the sandworms or jocks or whatever.


11. Tell Han the odds


10. Tug on Superman’s cape


9. Rub another man’s rhubarb


8. Cross the streams


7. Be more than one


6. Match wits with a Sicilian


5. Try, without doing or not doing


4. Call Marty McFly a chicken


3. Say “Never” again


2. Panic


1. Simply walk into Mordor


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