Amazon to Adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings for Television

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Amazon to Adapt J.R.R. Tolkien’s Globally Renowned Fantasy Novels, The Lord of the Rings, for Television with a Multi Season Production Commitment Television adaptation, exploring new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, slated to debut exclusively on Prime Video   Amazon today announced it has acquired the global television rights to The Lord of the Rings, based on the celebrated fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, with a multi-season commitment. The upcoming Amazon Prime Original will

The Mega Men Podcast #61: Hobbit Alarm Clocks

Chris and Matt discuss the people of Wal-Mart, the subjective nature of being objective, Beast Wars, Ren and Stimpy, Jurassic Park, the concept of suspension of disbelief, The Expendables 3, the end of the Lord of the Rings and much more. You can subscribe directly through iTunes: or you can listen to this episode via the following link: Then there is always our RSS Feed, which is quite cool too.  

Top 11 New Years Resolutions

Another new year is upon us. Traditionally, this is time of introspection, where people make resolutions to cut back on bad habits or become better people. Unfortunately, I cannot participate, because I am already perfect, but here are 11 characters from pop culture with some big plans for 2014 11. Wolverine - Learn to brew moonshine. "Distilling is my business, and business is good" 10. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Replace pizza with something that contains fewer

Three Books WORSE Than the Movie

To every rule, there's an exception. By some cataclysm of fate, some movies exist that are actually an improvement to its original source. They're elusive creatures, and often the audience leaves with no impression that said movies had book counterparts. And they're rare. Originally, this list had plans for ten entries, and then five entries... but all that could be scrounged up were three. Three measly books that leaves the reader with an impression after

Top 11 Items Left Out of the First Hobbit Movie

The first of three movies adapting JRR Tolkien's beloved book "The Hobbit" comes out this weekend. Since they are making only three movies to cover one book, obviously a lot of stuff will need to be left out... 11. Bilbo's sister Cilco makes a brief appearance, but their other brother is never mentioned. 10. After agreeing to leave the Shire with the dwarves, Bilbo misses the owl carrying his invitation to Hogwarts. 9. Gandalf attempts to recruit Mystique


“All right, look, there's only one ‘Return,’ okay, and it ain't ‘of the King,’ it's ‘of the Jedi.’” I love Star Wars and I love Lord of the Rings, but let’s face it, Return of the King is a far better movie. I don’t remember crying during Return of the Jedi. And actually I wasn’t crying, it was a friend of mine…but I digress. You always hear people say “Lord of the Rings was only

GOLLUM Gets Behind The Camera

By: IAN SPELLING   "Since the end of `The Lord of the Rings,' Gollum has never really, really left me," says Andy Serkis, who played the bug-eyed, distrustful and ring-obsessed Gollum in Peter Jackson's 2001-2003 trilogy. "Every day, in some way, shape or form, I'm confronted by him." It was only natural, then, that Serkis return for an encore engagement in "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." The first installment in the "Hobbit" trilogy, due for nationwide release on Dec.

IAN McKELLEN: Grey is the new White

By: IAN SPELLING   Ian McKellen took nothing for granted. Sure, every fan of "The Lord of the Rings" (2001-2003) hoped McKellen would return to his Oscar-nominated role as the wizard Gandalf in "The Hobbit," and more than a few quite vociferously insisted that "The Hobbit" could or shouldn't be done without McKellen. However, as the years passed while "The Hobbit" sat in stasis, McKellen's age, schedule and wanderlust became factors, and when Guillermo del Toro agreed to direct a

Great Stories

Some stories are just GREAT STORIES. Themes transcend time and position and place and age... Boy meets Girl stories are great for many people. Then there's good guy gets bad guy stories, or good intentions turned to catastrophe by circumstance. These themes are finite, used over and over again without growing old (on a personal basis, of course. Some themes aren't as appreciated by some as others). This idea is part of why I enjoyed Frozen Prospects so much, my most recent