Top 11 Must See Panels at Phoenix ComicCon


Now that Anthony Michael Hall and Bruce Boxleitner have cancelled their appearances this weekend, here are 11 alternative panels to drown your sorrow:

11. The Swamp Thing’s Guide to Personal Hygiene

10. Purple diapers and thinning colors – Costuming for the plus sized male

9. The Wisdom of the Cryptkeeper – Bad puns as the basic foundation of fandom

8. CosPlay Appreciation – How to be a creeper without getting caught

7. Lettering 101 – Tips for creating your cardboard “Will Work for Food” sign after you spend too much money in the Dealer’s room

6. Boundaries and FanFic – Show me on the doll where George Lucas touched you

5. An Asylum Films retrospective – Ripping off innovative filmmakers for over a decade

4. How Famous is Famous Enough? Professionals give tips on joining the Convention autograph circuit

3.Trolling for Dollars – How to turn anonymous Internet rants into a profitable career

2. Tips for KickStarter Success, hosted by Zack Braff

1. Cloning, remote viewing, superspeed, and other strategies to use when you have multiple panels in the same time slot

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