Top 11 Online Hogwarts Courses

Summer is coming, and since it is suicide to leave the house here in Phoenix, I decided to follow my dream and take some online courses in wizardry. Here are the eleven courses I need to receive my BS in magic…

11. Geography 201 – Regionalism in the Wizard World: Why are all the wizards from Europe?

10. Muggle Studies 102 – From Mesmer to Mindfreak, the Mysteries of Muggle Magic.

9. Defense Against the Dork Arts – How to avoid buying sketches in Artist’s Alley.

8. Biology 107 – Which animal’s entrails are the best for predicting the future?

7. Psychology 301 – Wand Envy and the works of Sigmund Freud. FreudWand

6. Animal Law 306 – How to Tame Your Dragon While Avoiding Trademark Infringement.

5. Fashion & Design 101 – The Infinite Possibilites of robes and a pointy hat.

4. Summoning 101 – Professor Bullwinkle will teach you how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. (Liability waivers must be submitted before class begins).

3. House Elf Studies – What the hell do they do with all of those socks?

2. Latin 201 – How to combine Latin-sounding words into a spell name.

1. Muggle Studies 417 – Evolution, Physics, and other Superstitions.


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