Welcome to Nerd Fitness Corner

Hi, I'm Daniel. Six years, I was over 220 pounds and let's be honest it was all fat. It was affecting my health, my mental state and ruining the quality of my life. In 6 months, I lost over 70 pounds and that's what started my journey in fitness. Now,

Geek Mom: Birth Story

DISCLAIMER: This is the candid, unfiltered story of my pregnancy and birth of my son. Helping moms get a well rounded picture of what to expect when having a baby is important to me, both good and bad. If you are uncomfortable with the birthing process, please stop reading. The

Top 11 Online Hogwarts Courses

Summer is coming, and since it is suicide to leave the house here in Phoenix, I decided to follow my dream and take some online courses in wizardry. Here are the eleven courses I need to receive my BS in magic... 11. Geography 201 - Regionalism in the Wizard World: Why

Top 11 Tweets Throughout History

This week marks the 7000th anniversary of Twitter, which God created on the 12th day of Creation.  (It’s in the Bible, look it up.)  I thought we could celebrate by going through some of the greatest tweets throughout history...   11.   10.   9.   8.   7.   6.   5.   4.   3.   2.   1.     Follow more of NegativSteve's rants on his Tumblr: http://stevehatesaquaman.tumblr.com/   [SlideDeck2 id=9385]

Ask Zelda! 9/9/12

  Dear Zelda, Whats your take on the Zelda timeline that Miyamoto gave out during the release of Skyward Sword? --Ryan R. via Twitter Dear Ryan, Well, I must say that even I'm unsure of what's happened when. I suppose it's because I spend most of my time kidnapped and imprisoned. The days, months, even