Top 11 Star Wars Spin-offs



With the announcement that Disney will produce several movies in the Star Wars universe in addition to Star Wars VII – IX, speculation on the Internet has rampant with the possibilities. Here are the eleven most likely candidates…


11. The greatest ace pilot of the Rebel Alliance is tempted by the Dark Side in “Wedge of Darkness”.


10. “Jaxxon” – The story of the giant green bunny mercenary, first seen in Marvel Comic’s Star Wars book.  This film doesn’t need a clever title, because it features a giant green bunny with guns.


9. Salacious Crumb is in for a big surprise when he agrees to meet his fiancée’s parents in “Meet the Hutts”.


8. Quentin Tarantino presents “Greedo”, the story of an orphaned Rodian who rises through the ranks of the Tatooine underworld to become one of Jabba’s top collectors. You will not believe the action-filled twist ending.


7. The Propaganda arm of the Empire presents a delightful parody of those wacky nogoodniks that keep blowing up our stuff in “Not Another Rebellion Movie”.


6. VH1 Presents “Max Rebo: Behind the Music”.


5. Famed documentarian Ken Burns presents a 12-hour miniseries detailing the construction and destruction of the Death Star.


4. A prison full of lovable rebels pull the wool over the eyes of their dim-witted Imperial captors in “Ackbar’s Heroes”.


3. A horror film about a shark-like creature that has been genetically modified to hunt Ewoks in their native forests – “Endor-Fin”.


2. A young Ben Kenobi, still smarting over the betrayal of his padawan Anakin, must come out of retirement when he is stuck in a building full of terrorists in “Jedi Hard”.

(The tagline is “Now I have a light saber.  Happy Life Day!”)


1. Tyler Perry presents “Medea Goes to Bespin”.


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