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Tropical Hideaway is Open at Disneyland!

Tropical Hideaway is now officially open at Disneyland! This is a fun Adventureland addition in the park. Guests can find Tropical Hideaway between the Enchanted Tiki Room and The Jungle Cruise attractions in Disneyland park. The Tropical Hideaway is a fun, quick service restaurant where guests can find some delicious treats.

Tropical Hideaway

Dole Whip Galore!

Tropical Hideaway is themed as a tropical merchant area, where skippers come to share their finds with guests. Guests can find some fun new treats on the menus. If you are a big Dole Whip fan you will love the new Dole Whip offering at this restaurant. Guests can now choose from regular Pineapple Dole Whip, Raspberry Dole Whip, and Orange Dole Whip. If one flavor isn’t enough, Adventureland explorers can mix the different Dole Whip flavors, or get the Ambush! The Ambush is Pineapple and Orange dole whip swirl, fresh pineapple and orange chunks, and it all is speared with chocolate pretzel spears, because nothing is better than fresh fruit and Dole Whip!

Tropical Hideaway
Tropical Hideaway

Steamy Bao Buns and Sweet Treats!

For lunch and dinner options guests can choose from three different types of delicious bao buns. Bao buns are a steamed bun with different types of fillings. Guests can get chicken, beef, or vegetable bao buns, or get the three bao option where you get one of each flavor. The beef bao features beef, potatoes, and mixed vegetables. The chicken bao bun has chicken, vegetables, and a lemon seasoning. All of the bao buns are served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Tropical HIdeaway

Tropical Hideaway also offers a cold ramen shaker salad with ramen noodles, mixed vegetables and an Asian vinaigrette in a fun shaker cup. Guests can try the delicious sweet lumpia for dessert. The sweet lumpia is pineapple and cream cheese mixed in a spring roll, served with pineapple dipping sauce.

Tropical Hideaway
Tropical Hideaway

While the food looks delicious, the famous Adventureland snack tubs will also be available at Tropical Hideaway. You can choose from different fresh fruit, pickles, chips, and drinks from these tubs and continue the adventure elsewhere because we know Disneyland has a lot to see and do.

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As of right now, Tropical Hideaway is not one of the Mobile Order locations, you can check out all of the Mobile Order locations here. Overall, Tropical Hideaway is a very fun, open air restaurant with some delicious new food options. Make sure you say hello to Rosita the parrot while you visit! She is full of facts and fun jokes about the jungle! Tell us what you love about Tropical Hideaway in the comments below and we will see you real soon Mouseketeers!

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