Again, it starts with more schizo-Cortana. There’s actual action, with real stakes at the start of the narrative proper.

This is easily the strongest episode so far.

The action is intense. They haven’t been avoiding it so far because they can’t, they were saving it, developing the characters and getting us to care about them, so when they start getting picked off by an energy-sword wielding elite, the audience cares.

It’s clear now; this is meant to be viewed as a movie. It’s not well-adapted to an episodic format, which explains some of the weaker bits up to now. This is the first part that feels like a self-contained episode, not just a chunk of a bigger movie.

The subtle background stuff is absolutely perfect. The sound design, something most people never notice unless it’s very wrong or very, very right, is perfect. It makes the monsters and the heroes seem vaster than right. The special effects bring Covenant weapons to life in a way that makes them feel both realistic and true to the games.

I can’t wait to be able to watch the whole thing from start to finish.


Check out Episode 4 below:

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