Here’s an easy project using your kids’ favorite Halloween story. Collect the following materials:

  • a fold out shoebox
  • pencils
  • some tape or glue
  • scrap paper/magazines/newspapers
  • and a dash of creativity.

First, gather your materials (listed above). You’ll also need scissors (a little glitter wouldn’t hurt either).

  1. Decorate the interior and exterior of your box with scrapbook paper, magazines, newspaper, or even a paper bag.
  2. Make a long slit (straight or zig zag) on the top side of the box.
  3. Draw major characters and tape/glue onto pencils.
  4. Use battery-powered candles for mood lighting at the front of the fold out ‘stage’.

Invite family and friends over and have your kids perform their favorite story by moving/spinning the pencils.
When the show is over, put all your pencils and the book, back in the box until next season!

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