It’s official – Xbox One to go Kinect-less in June!

Xbox_Console_F_Tilt_TransBG_RGB_2013Microsoft officially announced on Tuesday that the Xbox One would be sold without the Kinect come June 9th at a new $399 price point.

This announcement is a long time coming for many gamers, as the inclusion of the motion peripheral device turned many consumers off of buying the $499 console. Microsoft had previously stated that it had no intentions of allowing the Xbox One to be sold without the extra device, but this new announcement comes reportedly as part of user feedback the company received since the console launched.

The Kinect is a required device for current Xbox Ones to function, but will be a separate add-on for these newer console units. With this new move to remove it from console bundles, the Microsoft console will align with the Playstation 4 in terms of price points. This newer standalone Xbox One unit will be sold June 9th in all markets where the console is currently available.

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