11 Haiku About 80’s Horror Movies

I was inspired to try something different this week. Instead ofranking 11 of my favorite 80's horror films, which would be like choosing a favorite from between my eleven imaginary children, I just decided to write haiku. 11. Jason Voorhees would Like you to send your children To Camp Crystal Lake 10. I did

Top 11 80s Movies That Need an Update

Although the 80's was the greatest decade for many facets of pop culture, the movies of that era are beginning to look a little rough. Out-dated fashion, really awful hairstyles, and sobriety make the great films of the 80's look dated; here are some suggestions as to how to freshen

Top 11 Pop Culture Events of the 1980’s

Coming off celebrating July 4th, we look at one of the things that makes America great... the 80s! 11. Star Tours opens at Disneyland in 1987, marking the last time George Lucas would contribute anything of merit to American culture. 10. DC Comics released The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen showing a


As part of its ongoing monthly film series, this June FilmBar presents an 80s Film showcase featuring Cult Favorites: The Breakfast Club, Scarface, Ghostbusters, Stand by Me, Repo Man & This is Spinal Tap. Tickets, show times & trailers can be found here: http://goo.gl/OVJje The Breakfast Club – John Hughes They

My Favorite Film Soundtracks

Because I haven’t come across any new music that I’d like to review as of late, and I haven’t been to any major shows in a while, I decided to finally compile a small list of film soundtracks that I really love listening to – something I’ve been wanting to