Top 11 Potential X-Men Spinoffs


Fox has already announced that Gambit, Deadpool, and Mystique will all have future solo films, but why stop there?  The X-Men universe is incredibly deep, with many outstanding characters that could carry their own film.



cypher11. Cypher – Who wouldn’t want to see a film about a superhero whose power is to translate foreign languages?  It will be like The DaVinci Code, only much more bland.

10. Quicksilver – A documentary about Quicksilver’s ascension as an entrepreneur in the cut-throat world of surf-wear.  A little known fact: Quicksilver is so fast that he is able to hand make every piece of clothing that he releases under the Quicksilver brand.

9. White Queen – Not actually a movie, but a 2 hour ad for Victoria’s Secret.

8. Toad – After the events of Days of Future Past, he changed his name to Frog and got together with his brother to fight vampires.  Yes, this is a Lost Boys prequel.


7. Alpha Flight – Canada’s favorite superheroes take on their nation’s greatest threat: the combined menace of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber.  Look for a cameo by Wolverine as he tries to teach these terrors how to sing while still remaining classy.

6. Storm – A new actress will be playing the role, because Halle Barry is prohibited from starring in any more superhero films after the Catwoman fiasco.

time travel
…Not confusing at all…

5. Cable – Cable will start his adventures three films before he is actually introduced, and none of those films will make any sense in continuity, because time travel is confusing.

4. Daken – A film about Wolverine’s son, because some day Hugh Jackman will get old, and then who will be in every film?

3. Magneto – A solo film about Magneto has been in the works for a long time, and several attempts have been made, but the tapes keep getting erased.

2. Banshee – A film about an Irish mutant that wails has already been made; it is called “Rattle and Hum”.

1. Cyclops – One of the most recognizable of the X-Men, he is also one of the most boring.  Still, a film about a hunky guy with powers who cannot emote but can certainly whine should go over great with the Twilight crowd.

Psh... boring? How many superheroes do you see get down like this?
Psh… boring? How many superheroes do you see get down like this?
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