Taiyou Con 2014 Review

What a weekend January 3rd through the 5th was, Taiyou con went off rather well. Located in Mesa Arizona, hosted by the Hilton. The hotel was clean and the set up was rather easy to get around. Registration is close to where you walk in, immediately putting you in the spacious artist ally. I was able to get my badge in a quick manner, the staff was kind and seemed to know what they were

RWBY: Volume 1 Blu-ray (Review)

RWBY is the brain-child of Monty Oum, Director of Animation for Rooster Teeth, an anime-styled series about several teams of heroes (Hunters & Huntresses) attending their first year at Beacon Academy. The series is midwifed (written) by Kerry Shawcross & Miles Luna, with Kerry also assisting on directing. As I've stated many times over the last year, Monty, Kerry, and Miles are among my favorite people; both in general and for chatting with. Due

Review: Legend Of Korra Season 2

Season 2 of Avatar: Legend Of Korra is finally here! After well over a year since season one, will the show be able to captivate it's audience as it did in 2012? Here is a brief, spoil-free look into season 2 of "Korra". [vsw id="piQRAQOC4Es" source="youtube" width="200" height="100" autoplay="no"]   [SlideDeck2 id=22797]

Review: RWBY Premiere Episode

If you have been following me -- in the online sense, not the creepy guy currently standing at my window -- over the last 10 or so months, you are probably aware that one of the things I have been most excited about this year is RWBY, the anime-styled project from Monty Oum, Director of Animation for Rooster Teeth. RWBY is the tale of a team of four teenage girls (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee,

Anime Expo 2013 – Photo Gallery

   Here are some photos from Anime Expo 2013! Photos by Hong Le, Shannon Shea and Gackto Kristian Takaida. All rights reserved. Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover! Click on any image to begin the slideshow. [SlideDeck2 id=10276]

I think I’ll eat ice cream instead… A “Shining Hearts, Shiawase No Pan” Review!

So I was looking around for something I would be able to watch in a week, and I stumbled upon “Shining Hearts: Shiawase No Pan” and thought to myself “This is only 12 episodes long, and is based on the PSP game! SO COOL! :D” Oh Sega, and Production I.G., you have failed me! How could people who made the anime adaptations of anything Masamune Shirow, or anything by Clamp, not entice me to play

Men are always right, Women are never wrong! A “Vandread” review!

Men, let me tell you, as a lady, sometimes we just do not understand the weird stuff you say or do. However don’t fret, I know that the ladies are just as enigmatic. Perhaps we seem as if we are  alien races, just out to eat each others entrails. The characters in “Vandread” feel your pain! What starts out to be a battle of the sexes evolves into a battle of human survival. The first

Welcome to Carnival Corpse! A “Deadman Wonderland” Review!!

When I heard Toonami was coming back on Cartoon Network, I think I speak for us all when I say, I cried tears of joy and excitement. Not only was a childhood staple of my life returning, it was coming in full force with an entire roster of new shows that piqued my interest. Deadman Wonderland not only piqued, but kept my interest to the point of obsession. This series was originally written by Jinsei Kataoka, and

Noein: Anime for Quantum Physics Nerds Everywhere

Director: Kazuki Akane, Kenji Yasuda Studio: Statelight Date: 10/12/2005- 5/29/2006 Category of subject matter: Adventure, Romance, Science-Fiction Plot summary: La'cryma and Shangri-La are both parallel universes that are possible outcomes for the future of our world in 15 years. There is a war between the two of them, as Shangri-La intends to destroy all of time and space. The "Dragon Torc" is the only thing that can stop Shangri-La, so La’cryma's "Dragon Force", their top military force, is sent to