Spark! After Dark | Finding Your Creative Spark

  When you think of art, you might think of museum paintings, public sculptures, or even performers wearing gold jumpsuits and squawking like birds (yes, I have seen this). What may not come to mind is a fun interactive art installation that anyone, young and old, can enjoy. That’s exactly what I experienced this past weekend at the community art event Spark! After Dark: Collective Kaleidoscope, which took place at the Mesa Arts Center. The vibe

Inside the Crowd | Life is Beautiful 2017

The 2017 Las Vegas Music Festival, Life is Beautiful, happened just a week before the shooting that has taken over the news. With rumors that the shooter had rented a room above the main stage, many are left feeling uncomfortable and subdued. Just a few months ago, we experienced the tragedy at the European Ariana Grande concert, and it left others ill at ease with the idea of large crowds and popular festivals. Some may

A Look At DECADENCE 2016

Photos taken at Decadence 2016 by: Thomas Int-Hout [] All rights reserved. Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover! Click on any image to open gallery.

Interview: Mega Ran | Taiyou Con 2016

  Geek News Network interviews Mega Ran at Taiyou Con 2016. Mega Ran is a rap artist who takes much inspiration from gaming and his own life experiences. In this interview Mega Ran discusses his new album along with the next steps he will take on his creative journey. Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Paul Ling Camera Operator: Chris Campbell Video Edit: Paul Ling

Interview: Lotus Juice | Taiyou Con 2016

lotus juice

Geek News Network interviews Lotus Juice at Taiyou Con 2016. Lotus Juice is a rap artist most notably known for his impact on the Persona series but has quickly gained fame through the creation of numerous anime themes and his own independent works. We discuss his experiences through Persona, at Taiyou Con and what his plans are for the future. Director of Filmography: Chris Campbell Reporter: Paul Ling Camera Operator: Jory Blaine Video Edit: Paul Ling


Throughout the country Arts Education is continually being cut in favor of core curriculum - English, Math, Social Studies, Science - and music education feels the major brunt of these cuts. Last year Matty Steinkamp, a filmmaker in Phoenix and avid music fan, saw the continued depletion of these programs across his home state and decided to do something about it. Earlier this year, Steinkamp from Sundawg Media set up a Kickstarter to fund a

An interview with Metal Gear Solid composer Rika Muranaka

From electronic keyboards to composing for best-selling video games, Rika Muranaka has done quite a bit in her music career over the past few decades. A special guest at this years’ Saboten Con 2015, Muranaka discussed her beginnings in the music industry in Japan, plans for future projects and of course, her longstanding work with Konami games. 36721

Nerds and Weeaboos Are Making Great Music

Now a day, everyone is an artist. Personally, I think that is a great thing. It allows for so many people to spread creativity and passion through their medium of work. With so many people being artists, a big chunk of that is made up of music producers and with the help of sites like SoundCloud, people are able to get their work out to the world. The electronic dance music scene is taking over right

“From New York to New Mexico” Review of the Phoenix Art Museum Exhibit

Last Sunday, June 7th, the Phoenix Art Museum welcomed their newest exhibit "From New York to New Mexico: Masterworks of American Modernism." This dynamic experience is actually from a private collection from the Vilcek Foundation and supplemented with a few regular pieces from the Phoenix Art Museum. The Vilcek Foundation was founded by Jan and Marica Vilcek, two private collectors that have a passion for American artists that are foreign-born. The Vilceks are originally from

An interview with Y//2//K | An artist you should know about

I love going to concerts. I love having fun, meeting new people and listening to my favorite artists perform, but one of the best parts about concerts are the opening acts. It allows you to discover new great music that you may not have found otherwise. That is exactly what happened to me. Back in April, I went to go see Cashmere Cat. The show was absolutely amazing but one thing that caught my ear was