‘WandaVision’ Review | A Hodgepodge of Excellence

WandaVision is an incredible series for Disney’s first entry into the Marvel TV series library, which had already established a high bar.

Shazam! | Movie Review

So, with hundreds of superhero offerings already available, is Shazam! (not to be mistaken with the horrible 1996 genie movie starring Shaquille O’Neal, Kazaam) worth the time?
joker movie review

Joker | A Captivating Study Of Mental Illness

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is an intense, brilliant picture. The direction, editing, music, acting, and production design are all on point.
Everything Everywhere All At Once

‘EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE’ Review | The Greatest Thing You’ll See This Year

Check out our review of 'Everything Everywhere All At Once', written and directed by Daniels, starring Michelle Yeoh.
toy story 4 movie review

Toy Story 4 | Movie Review

At its core, Toy Story 4 is a tale about family, loyalty, devotion, depression, isolation, neglect, abandonment, inspiration, salvation, introspection, and perseverance. All that and it finds time to make you laugh and cry as well.
Spider-Man No Way Home

‘SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME’ | Spoiler-Free Review

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" has proven to live up to the massive hype, delivering something old and something new to fans of all ages...

Hotel Mumbai | Movie Review

Hotel Mumbai is based on the true events of 2008 when the city of Mumbai was held under siege by terrorists. The focal point of the film is the famous Taj hotel,
summer of soul

‘SUMMER OF SOUL’ Review | The Next Best Thing to Being There

There’s really nothing bad to say about Summer of Soul. The original crew did an incredible job with their cinematography, and the remastered footage looks amazing for its age. It provides a good time with great musical performances while also weaving in enough historical context to demonstrate that the Harlem Cultural Festival of 1969 was as much about a cultural movement as it was a celebration of music. Sit back and enjoy this one.
the suicide squad

‘THE SUICIDE SQUAD’ Review | DC’s Finest Film Yet

The Suicide Squad is DC's finest addition to their Expanded Universe by far. James Gunn serves up an action-packed spectacle filled with raucous humor and a touch of heart that only he can deliver. The must-see summer film.
licorice pizza

‘LICORICE PIZZA’ Review | PTA at His Best

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film is already lighting up awards season. Find out just how good it is in our Licorice Pizza review.

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