licorice pizza

‘LICORICE PIZZA’ Review | PTA at His Best

Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film is already lighting up awards season. Find out just how good it is in our Licorice Pizza review.
mary poppins returns

Practically Perfect Bonus | Mary Poppins Returns Blu-Ray Extras

Mary Poppins Returns is the fantasy musical of our generation. It released on Blu-Ray on March 19th and with it came a bevy of behind the scenes bonus features.

Blindspotting | Movie Review

Blindspotting is a film that tackles many different aspects of modern society, from race relations to guns. It doesn’t just deliver one side of...
knives out

Knives Out | A Very Sharp Whodunit

Knives Out is a smartly written, directed, and acted whodunit with mind-boggling twists and turns.
the suicide squad

‘THE SUICIDE SQUAD’ Review | DC’s Finest Film Yet

The Suicide Squad is DC's finest addition to their Expanded Universe by far. James Gunn serves up an action-packed spectacle filled with raucous humor and a touch of heart that only he can deliver. The must-see summer film.

Tolkien | Movie Review

Tolkien begins in the early years of the life of J. R. R. Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) but the majority of the plot is split between his time in the trenches of World War I and his years at school before the war occurs.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco | Movie Review

With the recent push for diversity in Hollywood, we've seen more and more films representing people of color and varying genders. Some of those films have gone under the radar, such as last year's Blindspotting. The Last Black Man in San Francisco offers similar thematics to Blindspotting, while widening the diversity options even further.

Shazam! | Movie Review

So, with hundreds of superhero offerings already available, is Shazam! (not to be mistaken with the horrible 1996 genie movie starring Shaquille O’Neal, Kazaam) worth the time?
nobody review

‘NOBODY’ Review | It’s All Good, Man!

Bob Odenkirk sheds his Saul Goodman persona for a form-fitting John Wick number in this over-the-top revenge flick. Nobody is definitely not high cinema, but it's a fun way to spend an hour and a half.

Hotel Mumbai | Movie Review

Hotel Mumbai is based on the true events of 2008 when the city of Mumbai was held under siege by terrorists. The focal point of the film is the famous Taj hotel,

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