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Top 11 Villains from Batman season 4

The original Batman tv series ran from 1966-1968, and only lasted three seasons. Recently, we have uncovered the casting notes for the proposed fourth season, and it would have been magnificent. (This is my first collaboration; list co-written by Jason Gonzalez)   11. George the Animal Steele as Bane.   10. Ronald Reagan as Clayface.   9.

The Mega Men Podcast #55: A Mega St. Patrick’s Day Episode

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Chris and Matt discuss the wonderful magic of alcohol, the potentially incoming 'anti-technology' movement, why hate is a misplaced love, the crappy but awesome movie Leprechaun,  why cheese makes everything better, Ninja Turtles and much more. New Episodes Every Monday!!! You can subscribe directly through iTunes: or you can