Best Comic Book Covers for the Week of: 01/23/2013

Hello Comic Book Fandom!

Every Wednesday, the comic book gods (aka Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.) deliver comic books to local comic book shops everywhere. So, What we have here is all pretty self-explanatory. Each week I’m going to reflect on the cover art of some of my favorite new comics and tell you which ones I really dig. Simple. Clean. Artsy. Enjoy!



Wonder Woman #16
Cover and Art by Cliff Chiang
Story by Brian Azzarello


Masks #3

Masks #3
Cover by Alex Ross
Story by Chris Roberson
Art by Dennis Calero


Deadpool #4

Deadpool #4 (Variant)
Cover by Tradd Moore
Story by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn
Art by Tony Moore


Harbringer #8

Harbinger #8 (Variant)
Cover by Jeff Lemire
Story by Joshua Dysart
Art by Lee Garbett



Red Hood and the Outlaws #16
Cover by Tyler Kirkham
Story by Scott Lobdell
Art by Timothy Green, II


Peanuts #5

Peanuts #8
Cover by Charles Schulz
Story by Charles Schulz, Vicki Scott, Alexis E. Fajardo, Mona Koth
Art by Charles Schulz, Vicki Scott, Matt Whitlock, Mona Koth , Mike DeCarlo , etc.


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* This article was compiled while listening to the album The Silent Cirus by the band Between The Buried And Me.
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