Nostalgia, or Something About the Physicality, or Maybe Just the Smell, of REAL Books

books, kindle, real booksI have long been a lover of books. Long before the idea to write my own, and what definitely incited this desire, was my time spent in the pages of imagination. Loving to re-read stories that whisked me away, I became an amateur book collector. Even when my apartments were void of furniture, I had my book cases full of bound paper containing near and far magical realms. There was even a time I fell behind on rent because of my inability to say no to adding to this collection.

Then dawned the e-book era. My first Kindle, the second best present ever (the first being the electric blanket I received a few winters ago), changed everything. More and more I found myself wirelessly, electronically, snatching worlds from the purgatory of space; less and less did I wander to the shelves of books filled with their wonderful smells and textures. Only those books that added to my collection were worth buying in a physical form. My electronic library quickly out numbered the physical one.

Today, I happened to stumble across those forgotten shelves, where books I haven’t read sit in sadness. As I opened one of them to enjoy, I was instantly hit with a mildish nostalgia; my fingers happy to feel smooth, heavy paper of the mass market publication I’d chosen to read. I may be re-visiting some old friends very soon; revisiting a more quiet, restful time of curling up in a corner with a the smell of a great book in my hand. The electronic formatting has yet to illicit that same peace…


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books, kindle, real books
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My first, and greatest love was always books, which turned into writing early on. Then came movies. Games didn’t enter my life until PS2 came out. I tend to stay away from games as they suck my world into oblivion. I stop sleeping. I stop paying attention to everything else when I get into them, though I break this for Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Gears, and FF. Recently entering the amateur indie film scene, Stealing Shade Productions ( was born. I’m also working on a comic book ( and 2 novels. There are bets on whether these will get finished Find me on Facebook or check out my alter ego at

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