11 Days of Geekmas


On the eleventh day of geekmas, a True Nerd gave to me…   Eleven great list items Ten Pre-Smith Doctors Nine Ring wraiths riding Eight Potter movies Seven Justice Leaguers Six cosmic gemstones Five evil Kirks Four Fantastic Heroes Three crappy prequels Two Wonder Twins And a power ring with a battery

Top 11 Comic Book Bands


This was totally an original work intended for this blog, and certainly not my rejected entries for @Midnight’s hashtag wars…   11. Mighty Batmitey Bosstones   10. Prince & the New Mutant Generation   9. King Crimson Avenger   8. The XTC-Men   7. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Walking Dead…

Top 11 Election Results


Election results are in! And here are the Top 11 from around the country…   11. 107% of Latverians voted for Dr Doom. 128% voted to disintegrate anyone calling for a recount.   10. Louisiana voters overwhelmingly supported the election of Gambit as State Douchebag.   9. Dr Fate appointed as US Surgeon General, tries…

Top 11 Television Crossovers

tv shows

The highly anticipated Simpsons/Family Guy crossover premiered last month, to mixed reviews. However, this high profile crossover overshadowed several other TV crossovers from over the years…   11. Ren and Stimpy meet Itchy and Scratchy – An episode so gross that even TV wouldn’t show it, and they aired a reality show about siamese twins.…

Top 11 Upcoming Marvel Movies


Earlier this week, Marvel announced all of it’s “Phase 3″ movies planned up to 2020, along with their release dates. They are already at work on their Phase 4 line-up, some of which have already been leaked…   11. Luke Cage – Set for a Sweet Christmas release.   10. NFL Superpro – A football…

Top 11 Seasonal Changes in Pop Culture


I turned off the AC in my car, so that means that fall is here, and the holiday season with it. Whether you are in to Halloween, Thanksgiving, or that thing in December, pop culture has you covered…   11. Zombies start feasting on pumpkin spiced brains.   10. For the month of November, the…

Top 11 Sexy Comic Book Character Costumes


The two big trends in Halloween costumes are comic book characters and sexy <fill-in-the-blank>  Let’s combine them! Marvel 11. Howard the Duck 10. The Blob 9. Groot 8. Mojo   7. The Red Skull 6. Ghost Rider 5. Ben Grimm 4. Modok   3. Devil Dinosaur   2. Lockjaw   1. Ego, the Living Planet…

11 Summer Movie Haiku


Summer will end soon The good movies will dry up Time for some haiku   11. Miller’s Follow Up To his hit film Sin City Is the same movie   10. A tree, a raccoon, Two green people, and Chris Pratt Are box office gold   9. Michael Bay reboot Of classic TMNT Makes them…

Top 11 TV Shows You Won’t See This Fall


The Fall TV season is dominated by shows based on comic books or zombies, with at least two shows whose origins are in comic books about zombies. However, there are still a few shows that slipped through the cracks…   11. Arkham Reunion – 30 years in the future, a group of former Batman villains…

Top 11 Sesame Street/Comic Book Mashups We Want to See


  Kids love superheroes. Kids love Sesame Street. This seems like a natural.   11. Big Bird vs Hawkman   10. D-Man and Oscar the Grouch   9. Burt and Ernie gain the powers of the Wonder Twins   8. Grant Morrison presents Danny the Sesame Street   7. John Constantine must investigate why no…