Top 11 Lessons Learned from Watching Movies


I just finished reading “Silver Screen Fiend” by Patton Oswalt, which details the lessons that he learned from years of being a movie junkie. Well, I’ve seen a lot of movies, too, and here are some of the lessons that I have learned…   11. Pulp Fiction – Never hide anything in your ass.  …

Top 11 2015 Grammy Snubs


The Grammys occurred last weekend, and as usual, there was debate about who should or shouldn’t have won an award. Here is a list of 11 of the nerdiest snubs… 11. Dance Recording – Basement Jaxx of Heartzz – Never Say Avenger. 10. Dance/Electronic Album – Deadman 5 – (1 Hand > 2). 9. Song of the…

Top 11 New Superman Powers


In this week’s issue of Superman, he uses a new power for the first time, Super Flare. However, this isn’t his only new power, just the only useful one…   11. The ability to get to the center of a tootsie pop in only two licks.   10. Super potency. Lois knows what I’m talking…

Top 11 Characters from Alternate Universes

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The Spider-verse and Multiversity storylines are in full swing, featuring characters from alternate universes from throughout continuity. But what about the other variant heroes that weren’t cool enough to showcase?   11. The Hulk, but he is purple and wears green pants.   10. Ghost Rider is the spirit of eco-vengeneance, and rides a recumbant…

Top 11 Terms of Surrender in the War on Christmas

Christmas wallpaper 1

Another Christmas has come and gone, but we’re still here. We have won the War on Christmas! To show that we are benevolent conquerors, we will only impose these eleven sanctions on the defeated.   11. To promote the spirit of partnership and multi-culturalism, Santa will be replacing his traditional red cap with a blue…

Top 11 Gifts for Pop Culture Characters


You get gifts for your family and your friends, why not for your favorite pop culture characters who bring you entertainment throughout the year?   11. For Deadpool, some thorazine to stop those voices in his head.   10. For Oliver Queen, the complete series of Mr Show on Blu ray. He needs a good…

11 Days of Geekmas


On the eleventh day of geekmas, a True Nerd gave to me…   Eleven great list items Ten Pre-Smith Doctors Nine Ring wraiths riding Eight Potter movies Seven Justice Leaguers Six cosmic gemstones Five evil Kirks Four Fantastic Heroes Three crappy prequels Two Wonder Twins And a power ring with a battery

Top 11 Comic Book Bands


This was totally an original work intended for this blog, and certainly not my rejected entries for @Midnight’s hashtag wars…   11. Mighty Batmitey Bosstones   10. Prince & the New Mutant Generation   9. King Crimson Avenger   8. The XTC-Men   7. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Walking Dead…

Top 11 Election Results


Election results are in! And here are the Top 11 from around the country…   11. 107% of Latverians voted for Dr Doom. 128% voted to disintegrate anyone calling for a recount.   10. Louisiana voters overwhelmingly supported the election of Gambit as State Douchebag.   9. Dr Fate appointed as US Surgeon General, tries…

Top 11 Television Crossovers

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The highly anticipated Simpsons/Family Guy crossover premiered last month, to mixed reviews. However, this high profile crossover overshadowed several other TV crossovers from over the years…   11. Ren and Stimpy meet Itchy and Scratchy – An episode so gross that even TV wouldn’t show it, and they aired a reality show about siamese twins.…