What Men Want | Movie Review

What Men Want is a new take on an old story. After a minor accident, a woman is able to hear the inner thoughts of men. This has been done many times before, with the most notable being the Mel Gibson film, What Women Want, back in 2000.
operation finale movie review

Operation Finale | Movie Review

Kirshna Pandit Bhanji (also known as Sir Ben Kingsley) was born on December 31st, 1943 in Yorkshire, England. His father was an Indian medical...

Fahrenheit 11/9 | Movie Review

Michael Moore is a name many people should already know. He’s well-known for his hard-hitting and often...
terminator dark fate

Terminator: Dark Fate | The Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For

Hard-hitting action, smooth as butter fight scenes, grit for days, and four ass-kicking leads! Is this Terminator: Dark Fate the sequel we finally need?
snowpiercer tnt

TNT’s Snowpiercer | A Cold Reality

TNT's upcoming Sci-Fi series, Snowpiercer, holds promise but only succeeds in maintaining the basic ties of it's film roots. Diluted by uninteresting sub plots and unimaginative characters, this television series delivers a mundane experience best served to kill time.

The Children Act | Movie Review

The Children Act is an interesting film about life and death, and the consequences of your actions....

Midway | Spectacle vs. Story

Midway is a mediocre war film filled with interesting action and wooden characters. Check out our full review at this link.

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies| Movie Review

In a world where superheroes are a dime a dozen... one group stands out among the rest... because they're totally, hilariously immature. Teen Titans...

Hobbs & Shaw | Movie Review

For those looking to turn their minds off and enjoy a summer popcorn flick, Hobbs & Shaw may feel a little long, but it does the trick.

Kin | Movie Review

Kin is an interesting movie. It starts off as a tradition sci-fi film, then transitions into a...