Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium

Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA is less a convention and more of an experience.  It is...
wrestlemania 36

WrestleMania 36 Recap

WrestleMania 36 marked the first time the event was broadcasted over two nights absent of a live audience as well as aired on tape delay.

Clockwork Couture Geek Chic

    Are you Geek Chic? You would have been if you had visited Clockwork Couture's Geek Chic event. The wonderful local artists in the courtyard...

Vista Production Group kickoff event at Jesse James Comics

Glendale, AZ - On Saturday, we saw the birth of a brand new media conglomerate in the Phoenix area. Vista Production Group, the brainchild...
Long Beach Comic Con


Photos taken at Long Beach Comic Con 2015 by: ModelMosa Alvin Johnson , All rights reserved. Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover! Click on any image...

Twisted Manga Presents A Cosplay Music Video From Amazing AZ Comic Con

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7kGeHlTU8M#t=46 Twisted Manga brings us a cosplay music video compilation from Amazing Arizona Comic Con '13 - '14 featuring the music "Electric Forest" by I...

2013 Phoenix Idiotarod Recap

Who would win in a race between a crew of Star Wars characters and a crew of illegal immigrants?  How about South Park characters...

A look at Mad Monster Phoenix 2014

Mad Monster Phoenix is a horror, sci-fi and fantasy themed convention bringing together top genre celebrities for fans to meet and buy autographs, attend...

A Look at Wild Wild West Con 2013

  Click on an image to begin the slideshow. *Photos by David Johnson ([email protected]). All rights reserved. **Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover!    

A look at PHOENIX FAN FEST 2014

Photos taken at Phoenix Fan Fest 2014, by  Ben Stadler-Ammon , Joe Abbruscato , Gackto Takaida , and Hong Le. All rights reserved.  Please visit our Flickr...

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